I'm Catie. Passions include French language and culture, cheese, alt and indie rock, traveling and attempting to capture the character of a place through my camera lens. Back to cheese -- I have an almost-insatiable appetite and love tasting my way through whatever place I find myself in.


I was bit by the travel bug at the age of eight and have craved the world since. I'm lucky enough to have traveled to 16 countries so far, and my wanderlust has only worsened with experience. Majority of the photos on this website were taken during my semester abroad while I was living in Aix-en-Provence, France. The photos I took while studying abroad were snapped with a little Canon point-and-shoot that had been dropped a few too many times.


A few years ago, I adopted my new baby, a Canon Rebel T3i, but have yet to fully master this new contraption. You'll probably notice that some of the photos I've shared are better quality than others -- a mash-up between my cheap point-and-shoot and less cheap DSLR. But I like the mix. I hope that you'll enjoy some of them, too.

Thanks for stopping by!